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Blockchain Margin Trading Platform

is a new revolutionary platform that allows traders working in the market of crypto-currency to implement Margin Trading with crypto assets

The market of crypto currency is rapidly developing and is experiencing a real breakthrough. Many professional traders and newcomers in this market successfully trade in crypto-currencies. However, nowadays the opportunities for trade are severely limited. The vast majority of exchanges provide a platform only for spot trades but not for margin trading, and even if they do, then with serious limitations and restrictions. All of the above prevents traders from taking full advantage of the capabilities of the crypto-currency market for trade and profit

Our goals:

BMTP is intended to change the current situation. As a part of this project, we want to provide traders with the opportunity to implement a full-fledged Margin trading of crypto-currency pairs with leverage. In this case, BMTP coins will be used as collateral and all calculations under this platform will also be carried out in BMTP.
The announced platform will be functioning on the basis of the Blockchain. Every deal will be recorded in the form of special entry and stored in a decentralized distributed database without the main servers. That makes it possible to achieve exceptional reliability and transparency.
The BMTP development team is working in close cooperation with currency traders who have a lot of experience in Forex margin trading. Based on their knowledge, we will try to translate the most comfortable and safe environment for the implementation of trading activities into the new platform and enable anyone who wants to gain maximum benefit from it.

How it will work:

Blockchain Margin Trading Platform will provide real-time quotations for crypto-currency pairs to the BMTP client program, which will integrate wallet functions.
Anyone will be able to enter the market at any time with the chosen asset and the desired leverage, by providing the available BMTP coins as margin. Upon exiting the market and fixing profit / loss, the trader will receive BMTP coins back in the amount corresponding to the changed exchange rate of the asset.
All trading operations, as well as the quotations at any given time period will be recorded in the blockchain, which will exclude even the slightest possibility of any fraud and will ensure maximum safety and comfort.

We do not welcome the huge energy costs and the need of purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment required for the functioning and maintenance of PoW-based blockchains such as Bitcoin and the like. The BMTP blockchain is based on the PoS concept. In order for the network to function and develop, coin holders do not need anything other than a wallet program running on their computers. In return, they receive a reward from each new block.
Also, Masternodes that perform a coordinating role are involved in the BMTP network, and unlike simple wallets, in the future they will perform specific functions in order to ensure trading operations. Running a Masternode is more expensive than running a usual "lightweight" node. In return, the Masternode keepers receive additional reward from the network.

BMTP vs Exchange

BMTP Exchange
Funds are not transferred anywhere. They remain in your wallet and under your control at any time.In order to trade it is necessary to send funds to the exchange's address and lose control over your money.
No registration or verification is required. You maintain complete confidentiality.Registration and verification of your personal data is required. Loss of anonymity and confidentiality.
Absolute security.The risk of exchange work disruption and hacker attacks. Full or partial loss of funds is possible.
Absence of an integrated control centre. Direct access to the blockchain. Full transparency. Any fraud is impossible.Hidden from the user mechanisms. The possibility of fraud and deception on the part of the exchange.


Q3 2018

Start BMTP

BMTP blockchain launch
Desktop wallets for Windows, Linux and OSX
The project announcement
Block Explorer
Promo site
Social networks
Listing on exchanges
Listing on Masternode ranking websites 

Q4 2018

Network expansion

White-paper release
Fully featured website 
Enlargement of the Community
Marketing and advertising campaigns expanding
Listing on major exchanges 

Q1 2019

Preparation for the full launch of the platform

Beta release of a combined client, including a wallet and trading platform
Web Wallet and Trading Platform 

Q2 2019

Public launch of the platform

Wallet for mobile devices
Public release of the trading platform
Further expansion of the network 

Looking ahead...


... We do not make such far-reaching plans. We really want to accomplish what has already been planned. Moreover, the direction of the further development of the project will be formed on the basis of the community preferences.

BMTP specification:

Coin name: BMTP
Ticker: BMTP
Algorithm: Quark
Type: POS / MN
Blocktime: ~ 60 seconds
P2P port: 42107
RCP port: 42108
Last PoW block: 499
Rewards Distribution: 70/30 (MN / PoS)
Masternode Collateral: 1 000 BMTP
Premine: 250,000 BMTP (These funds will be used for advertising and bounty, and also for further design and development of the project)

Reward depending on the Block Height

Block HeightReward Amount


BMTP coin will be listed in the exchanges in the near future, but you have the opportunity to buy and run a Masternode now in order to get the highest ROI, while the network has a small amount of Masternodes.
Discount price:  1 MN (1001 BMTP) – 0.4 BTC 
Concerning the purchase of the masternodes, contact:
Discord: bmtplead#0314

BMTP pre-sale is carried out exclusively through these two contacts. Beware of scammers!

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